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Our research is focused on the development and application of absolute sustainability assessment methods. We believe in the significance of operating and developing anthropogenic systems within the sustainability limits. Please explore the website to learn more about the on-going research and the team.

Absolute sustainability

23/03/21 - New article on the role of planetary boundaries in assessing absolute environmental sustainability across scales

The article published in Environment International explores how Planetary Boundaries (PBs) have been considered in Absolute Environmental Sustainability (AES) research at different scales. The authors present a critique of how consensus could be reached in standardising and harmonising the share of globally and locally allocated safe operating spaces. They argue that PBs must be linked to human consumption as the main socio-economic driver and that planetary concerns can only be addressed through a holistic perspective that encompasses global tele-connections.

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01/03/21 - New evaluation of methods for setting "science-based" emission targets

New publication on ”From the Paris Agreement to corporate climate commitments: Evaluation of seven methods for setting "science-based" emission targets” published in Environmental Research Letters (doi: 10.1088/1748-9326/abe57b). In the study, the authors systematically characterize and compare all seven broadly applicable target-setting methods and quantify the balance between collective corporate SBTs and global allowable emissions for individual methods and different method mixes.

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