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Our research is focused on the development and application of absolute sustainability assessment methods. We believe in the significance of operating and developing anthropogenic systems within the sustainability limits. Please explore the website to learn more about the on-going research and the team.

Absolute sustainability


10/02/21 - City of Zurich annual environmental report includes planetary boundaries

The latest environmental report of Zurich, Switzerland, started to include the concept of planetary boundaries. The annual burdens of an average city inhabitant, including grey burdens, were compared to the per-capita share of eight different planetary boundaries. The employed methodology is the PBA method by Gabor Doka, which is based on eight of the planetary boundaries formulated by Rockström and Steffen. This is a novel section of the city's environmental report and complements the more conventional results for direct conditions like air and water quality parameters, waste masses, noise, biodiversity and so forth. The report was published in August 2020.

• The 2020 environmental report of Zurich is available here (German only, website only)
• The novel PBA contribution was summarised here (German only, PDF):
• The PBA methodology is described here (English)

The 2020 environmental report of Zurich

26/01/21 - New insights into assessing the carrying capacity of resources and the environment

New publication on ”New insights into assessing the carrying capacity of resources and the environment: The origin, development and prospects of the planetary boundaries framework” published in JOURNAL OF NATURAL RESOURCES (doi: 10.31497/zrzyxb.20200302). The article is in Chinese, but there is an English abstract. Here, the authors identify a need for a deeper understanding of the Planetary Boundary framework with respect to its theoretical basis, technical approaches and practical applications, so as to enhance the policy-guiding value of the framework as an approach to address the world's major public issues such as achieving Sustainable Development Goals

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